Know no boundaries and always have a clear view in TYR Optical Goggles. 

The Corrective Optical Goggles feature wide-angle, optical grade, polycarbonate lenses in corrective diopters (-2.0 through -8.0). The LGOPT acts as an alternative to contacts and provides athletes with crystal clear vision while they train. In addition, a universal eye socket frame ensures a comfortable, fuss-free fit for both male and female swimmers.

The Blackhawk Racing Negative Prescription Goggles are engineered for both men and women in competition and training, the low profile design of the LGBHOPTN swimming goggle ensures a close fit with minimal drag. Lightweight and streamlined, the Blackhawk'۪s watertight construction includes wide peripheral range and lenses in corrective diopters (-1.5 through -8.0). 

All polycarbonate lenses include full UVA/UVB protection.

 For Ages 16+

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